Super Affiliate System Reviews + (John Crestani Reviews)?


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What is the Super Affiliate System by John Crestani?

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    Super Affiliate System Review

    Affiliate marketing is the best for earning passive income. Because technology is growing day by day, opportunities are increasing. If you’re someone who goes through financial crises in this misfortune, affiliate marketing can facilitate. You need to enroll in the right program to grow.

    Though, it’s a challenging part to enroll in an exceedingly right program. As you recognize, there are thousands of mechanisms that enter the market. It’s confusing which program is legit and which one is a scam. You have to research yourself before investing your money in any scheme or system.

    Here I have made things easy for you by providing the best affiliate marketing program for you. It can facilitate you in earning passive income together with your full-time job. It is a Super Affiliate System, which helps its users to grow by boosting their confidence.

    The Super Affiliate System is a perfect marketing program created by John Crestani. It is for people with knowledge and skills to realize success in affiliate marketing. Learners can participate in an exceedingly module-based learning environment to urge started with affiliate marketing employing a simplified system that carries one website, buyers, and consistent quality traffic.

    Super Affiliate System: Official Website

    What is Super Affiliate System?

    The Super Affiliate System is a type of affiliate marketing course. It teaches you to make money online by building your own affiliate marketing business. It claims that you can make $2,500 a week with commissions. The training focuses on Facebook and Google ads to drive traffic for more sales and leads.

    The course contains over 50 hours of content and may take you a bit longer. It is a 6-week long course that goes in-depth about affiliate marketing fundamentals. It helps you to learn how to get started with building an online business with this model.

    The Super Affiliate System is not a scheme to get rich overnight. But, it is a training guide to provide you knowledge and skills in the industry. The system also offers a list of tools required for affiliate marketers to fast-track their potentials. These tools will make your work easy and effective.

    It is a comprehensive training course that helps people become successful affiliate marketers. The program creator has shared successful strategies that provide you a stable life if you pay attention to them. The guide videos are to walk you through the tools and processes you need to know to become an affiliate marketer.

    The Mind Behind Super Affiliate System

    John Crestani is a 29-year-old veteran in affiliate marketing from Santa Monica, California. He is an affiliate marketer and a course creator. While he was in college, he dropped out and decided to try earning money online. After that, he tried and failed several times. In the end, he successfully created a successful affiliate site dealing with health-related products.

    He is now earning around $500 per month. He achieved extraordinary success in affiliate marketing, which made him feature in Yahoo Finance, Inc., Forbes, Business Insider, and other Business magazines. He has seen immense success in affiliate marketing and decided to create an easy-to-follow guide to equip people with skills on how to earn money as an affiliate marketer. He has outlined all strategies and tools he used to become successful.

    John Crestani is an entrepreneur who has been doing business online since 2011. He has developed himself as an internet personality within the entrepreneur community. He started affiliate marketing in the medical niche. Since then, he is teaching his affiliate system to others. So, others can also grow.

    I would not get into detail here because you may know already that he gained knowledge about all forms of advertising from Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Facebook, and Native advertising networks while working in a firm. John learned how to craft his online advertising while working for a marketing firm. The concept behind this system is to teach people about affiliate marketing and how to be a successful affiliate marketer.

    How Does the Super Affiliate System Works?

    The Super Affiliate System provides the best tools to build your own affiliate marketing business. But like every course, it is all up to you how to succeed. You need to follow the training and understand affiliate marketing fundamentals. Not all affiliate systems you set up will become successful, and losing some money must not discourage you. If you are interested, then this might be a fit course for you.

    Super Affiliate System is there to make you a super affiliate marketer. John is an affiliate marketer and has gathered all the necessities he used to achieve success. He trains others using the same formula to become super affiliates. The member’s area of the Super Affiliate Network System has outlined everything that affiliates use to generate millions in an affiliate business.

    The guide will help you to set campaigns, traffic resources, necessary tools you require as an affiliate. You will also go through the best affiliate networks the veteran used for himself to become successful. Though, many of them need prior experience as they are not as easy. But do not worry, John has shown everything in detail how to get into these networks.

    The beginner affiliates usually get frustrated as they might take time to start earning. Those who manage to get little coins follow the below-mentioned steps: –

    • They first become the Super Affiliate System affiliates
    • Then, they promote the Super Affiliate System in different ways
    • After that, they convert the marketing leads obtain in sales
    • Earn commission on every sale that happens

    Affiliate marketing is selling other people’s products and earning commission from the sales you make. It is an online business that can be conducted either with free or paid traffic. The Super Affiliate System is one of the primary teachings you’ll get in the guide. You can earn by promoting the course itself using paid traffic on Facebook and other ads.

    What Super Affiliate System Covers?

    The Super Affiliate System is a 6-week program. It covers six different topics with each growing week. Here is the detail on what you will actually get by enrolling in this affiliate marketing course.

    Week 1- Setup

    John Crestani focuses more on the affiliate’s first commissions. You might be aware that receiving your first affiliate commission is a pivotal moment. It is that moment where you realize that you can be successful and you can make money online. Here is the list of thing you learn in week one: –

    • Goal setting
    • How to join affiliate networks – Clickbank, etc.
    • How to up your site, presell page, and Facebook Ads
    • How to work best with Affiliate Networks

    Week 2 – Choosing The Niche

    Week 2 focuses on finding your niche. Your niche selection can make or break you. For example, if you choose the coupon niche, you will be writing for an audience trying to save money instead of spending it. You would be spending a lot of time doing the same work that you would do promoting to an audience that is ready to spend money. Here is the list of things you will learn in week two: –

    • Develop an entrepreneur mindset
    • Learn to research your niche, choose your offer and choose your Ad network
    • How to researching niches online
    • How to network effectively
    • Understanding the intent

    Week 3- Marketing Skills

    Week 3 works as an introduction to basic marketing principles. If you are new to marketing and do not have any experience, then this section is vital. If you already have experience with marketing, you may already know a lot of the lessons. Here is the list of things you will learn in week three: –

    • How to write good copy
    • Advanced copywriting tactics with Ronnie Sandlin
    • Internet Jetset
    • John’s 17 steps copywriting formula
    • How to optimize ads
    • Advanced optimization tactics

    Week 4- Facebook & Google Ads

    John has experience and skills in Facebook and Google advertising. It is one of the main reasons he got able to generate a heavy traffic flow to his affiliate systems and course. You will learn how you can set up your ad campaigns the right way. This section will provide a technical tutorial on Ins and Outs of PPC (pay per click) ads. Here is the list of things you will learn in week four: –

    • Facebook ads
    • Facebook ad compliance
    • Important metrics in advertising
    • Google AdWord – Part 1 & Part 2
    • Facebook Ads taught by guest, super affiliate Brian Pfeiffer

    Week 5- Native & Youtube Ads

    Week 5 explains the theme of paid advertising. In this, you will focus on YouTube and Native Ads. You know what the Youtube ads are. Now, native ads are the ads you often see at the bottom of articles on content-based sites. Here is the list of things you will learn in week five: –

    • How to setup MGID native ads
    • Outbrain native ads
    • Voluum DSP native ads
    • Youtube ads
    • Guest coach Tim Burd on Facebook ads

    Week 6- Scaling & Outsourcing

    In the final week of the course, the creator talks about scaling your business and outsourcing some responsibilities. This section explains how you can scale up a campaign, which is Key for marketers. Here is the list of things you will learn in week six: –

    • How to use survey funnels
    • $240K solar case study
    • Scaling campaigns from $1K – $20K
    • How to utilize media buyers
    • Student loan case study

    Does the Super Affiliate System Work?

    Yes, if you are committed to the process, you can definitely see success. You must have realistic expectations when signing up for this super affiliate system. John Crestani is not selling a get-rich-quick method but selling a business strategy. The strategy is working and has made a lot of people wealthy. But for that, you need to be prepared to do the work. The Super Affiliate System provides you lots of tools to build an affiliate marketing business.

    The system provides affiliate marketers with in-depth details on how to build a successful affiliate marketing business. The program doesn’t guarantee you overnight riches. It requires hard work and patience to complete it. If you want to achieve success after this course, you need to put the strategies into practice. If you desire to become a successful affiliate marketer, dedication, hard work, and time are essential.

    Many affiliate marketers have tried the super affiliate system and have given reviews about it. But then, does it really work? Overall, the Super Affiliate System course does deliver what it promises. It offers a structured guide that will walk you through the entire process of how to start an online affiliate business. It comes with a lot of bonuses when you create your affiliate marketing system.

    If not satisfied with the course, it provides you a 100% money-back guarantee, so the risk is minimal. The course covers a lot of essential material and delivers on the claims made on the sales page. I would only add one thing that affiliate marketing is not easy. Affiliate marketing requires hard work, like any other business. If you are interested, you must enroll in this super affiliate system.

    Is It Worth Buying?

    Spending on any internet marketing course can sting a bit. However, if it is not going to burn a hole in your wallet, then yes, it is worth it. John teaches what he has learned in the Super Affiliate System. His motive is to share knowledge without much trial and error.

    Many people have tried affiliate marketing with paid ads but fail miserably. So, to answer the question, yes, the Super Affiliate System course is worth the money. The system is really worth it because you do not need to depend on an individual. The system is worth the money for people who are serious about getting into an affiliate marketing career and have time to implement it.

    For individuals with the habit of starting work and never finishing that, this is not your thing. People who also look forward to getting rich overnight should also get off the thought of joining this program. The Super Affiliate System is full of valuable information that can help you start your affiliate marketing business the right way.

    I have reviewed many courses, but this course is worth every penny if you are genuinely serious. This course delivers a lot of up-front value outside of the educational content itself. You will get access to over $1,000 in advertising credits and pre-built landing pages by enrolling in this program.

    Pros and Cons of Super Affiliate System

    If you want to understand the program better, it is vital to know the pros and cons of that system. For making things clear for you. Here, I have shared a few pros and cons of the super affiliate system as per my analysis.


    • It provides a video tutorial for the easy guidance
    • The system gives affiliates niche knowledge to you for competitive advantage
    • The system has informative easy to follow modules
    • It offers clients a 24/7 support system
    • The system is user friendly, especially for beginners
    • It has revision sections, weekly questions, and daily assignments to help you grasp all the course ideas.
    • Offers a lot of bonuses to customers
    • Clients receive a 60 days Super Affiliate System refund guarantee.
    • Provides a three-month payment plan to its customers to make it affordable
    • Good jumping blocks for beginners
    • Credible instructor
    • Easy to understand program


    • It is a pricey plan
    • Affiliate marketing and niche has limited coverage
    • Not for experienced affiliate marketers

    Pricing And Where To Buy?

    If you get interested in joining the super affiliate system, you need to visit its official website You need to pay their fixed course fees to access the course and other new materials within their scope. The price of a super affiliate system is $997.

    Final Verdict

    I think it is on the expensive side. But, the training is good and it’s worth the price. There are no other traffic options besides paid traffic. It is not something that I would recommend if you want to learn various methods to get traffic to your site. If you are only interested in making money online with paid ads, you can give the course a try.

    However, there are other courses which include many different types of traffic training for even less fee. The Super Affiliate System course comprises all affiliate marketing aspects. It is nothing short of a blessing to those who need to try luck in the Affiliate marketing industry. It is a system that requires people who are focused on achieving a goal.

    The system has shown incredibility to most users. Therefore, it is a worthy investment system to earn you more money. The program provides beginners with relevant skills to help them achieve their goals. The Super Affiliate System review has clearly shown that this is not a shortcut to attaining riches. It is a long-term learning process.

    It is a guide to keep you on track in the affiliate marketing industry. Super Affiliate System strategies will lead you to 100% results. People who need to change their life should not look less than letting it go. The Super Affiliate System is a worth investing program to consider for affiliate marketing.

    If you are looking to start your online business and want to cut your learning curve, this is the best course. The amount of value and resources is just off the hook. It is a course that goes so in-depth on every part of affiliate marketing.

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