Sqribble Reviews: Does Sqribble eBook Creator Really Work?


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What is Sqribble? Is it really the world’s #1 ebook creator software?

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    Sqribble Review!

    Marketing and content both walk parallel to each other. Many believe in this, and many do not really believe in this. It is one of the marketing facts that actually works for many companies and industries. Marketing people remain very precise and conscious of marketing by creating eBooks, whitepapers, and much more.

    While amid all of this, there are so many resources for designing eBooks and whitepapers. But, choosing the right one is the challenge. Many applications are there for creating the front page and designing the covers, but they have limitations. These limitations destroy creativity.

    Without creativity, things can never be perfect. In marketing, the main point is how creative you are in presenting things. Some are still struggling and hiring professional designers for taking their imagination to the piece of paper.

    If you are among those people who are planning to sell eBooks, this is the right time. People are getting to indulge in different things to learn more by utilizing their free time. Pat yourself on your back and get started with the process because it is worth doing.

    You might be thinking that you can write well but how to publish it and design it? Here I have a solution to this problem. You do not need to spend your time searching for the best designing tool. You do not need to pay for expensive software neither you have to spend hours telling the designer how you want your cover page to be.

    Sqribble is the best eBook creator tool that can satisfy you to the core. Yes, you have heard it right. Sqribble has proved itself by giving unique services to its customers and users. It has stood out from the crowd in the case of creating the perfect ebook. Now, you do not need to waste your time, money, and energy anymore. Without any further delay, let us discuss Sqribble.

    Official Sqribble Website: Sqribble

    What Is Sqribble?

    Sqribble is a powerful and cloud-based ebook creator tool that is unique from any other ebook creator tool. It is a simple solution for designing all your ebooks. It is the only tool that helps you design, write, and publish your ebook. It holds all the responsibility regarding the creation and publication of an ebook.

    You might have used other tools for designing purposes, but Sqribble is different. It has beautiful templates, professional covers, and the best thing is it is bug-free. It is surprisingly a cool thing about an application, which is so good. It commonly gets in use for marketing purposes.

    The process of creating and publishing an ebook with Sqribble is satisfying, easy, and smooth. The services that it provides are beyond your expectations and imagination. Within just a few clicks, it does the work and saves most of your time and money. The best thing about using this tool is people without any technical knowledge can also use this tool.

    You might be thinking that without giving it a try, how to believe that it is an incredible tool. If your opinion is like this, then I would like to tell you. After using this tool, you will forget to generate reports and ebooks on your own that you used to do with spending lots of time and energy.

    Also, the application contains adjustment options, which give you a feel of customization. You can set it, adjust it just like you want it as per your own imagination. Apart from all these things, Sqribble provides adequate additional features that separate it from other similar tools.

    Mainly Sqribble helps in three different areas of publishing an ebook. First, in writing your content for the book. Second, in designing your book, cover page. The third and the final one, in formatting your ebook. It is worth a tool to use instead of buying expensive software.

    The Concept Behind Sqribble

    Though all together, there are many such tools out there in the market. But, the name behind Sqribble is Adeel Chowdhry. He founded this incredible tool for creating ebooks and publishing them with ease. He is a well-known marketing expert.

    Adeel Chowdhry runs a consulting and coaching business in internet marketing. He has created this powerful cloud-based software to make a big difference in people’s life. He made this software for those who have been living at the mercy of freelance writers and designers.

    His idea of creating this tool bought a new way of seeing things differently. Now, anyone can try their hands on designing, formatting, and creation of their ebook itself. It is a step towards independent working for your own. Many marketing agencies promise to help from A to Z in the creation and publication of your ebook. They try their best but could not reach that satisfactory level.

    If you are out of those who never get satisfactory results for their ebooks, this tool is for you. The reviews for this tool are better than other similar software. If you hire a content writer and designer, both will charge you differently. Altogether the whole ebook will cost you even more.

    The expensive packages were one of the reasons behind this creation. You now can decide which option is best and suitable for you. Either you can spend lots of money, time, and energy on others, or you can choose to do it yourself in no time.

    Features of Sqribble

    You can say that Sqribble is a similar software to other ebook creators, but what makes it different? Its mind-blowing features make it different, which will blow your mind. Here is the list of features that one gets after singing into Sqribble.

    Automatic Content

    By using Sqribble, you can add expert content to your ebook. You can easily pull content from the URL and paste it into your ebook. It is a time-saver feature and beneficial for those who hate writing so much.

    Beautiful eCovers

    It has beautiful and professional-looking eCovers, which are seriously impressive. It makes your ebook look professional that commands trust and authority.

    Flipbooks Option

    With the help of this feature, you can make your book interactive. It can help you in making your digital book a real-looking book. You can make your book pages flip like in a real book.

    Some other additional features are as below: –

    • It provides an automatic table of content
    • Automatic headers and footers
    • Automatic pagination
    • Drag and drop designing
    • Add or delete pages option
    • Adding your own media
    • 300+ google fonts
    • 50+ ebook templates
    • 10, different ebook themes

    Are these features not enough to make you check out this incredible tool? Go check this out now but before that, let us know how it works.

    How Does Sqribble Work?

    The first step towards creating your ebook is, select a template on which you need to design your digital ebook. There are simple drag and drop options available, which makes the customization easy and smooth. Next, you can input text by using various methods as follow: –

    • Access it from the URL
    • Copy and paste
    • Upload the word document
    • Start writing from scratch
    • Start writing with already collected articles and blogs

    It is how Sqribble works. Apart from this, there are three simple steps of using Sqribble productively. Steps are as follow: –

    Pick a Template

    You need to pick a template out of 50+ different niche templates, which are great-looking and beautiful. Every given template comes with a professional page layout and a table of content. It makes your ebook more attractive and gains the attention of the reader.

    Add Content

    Once after selecting, the template starts adding your text to the ebook. If you do not have any idea of what to write, this tool will help you. And if you do not want to start writing from scratch, you can insert the URL, and it will automatically curate the data and write for you.

    Apart from this, you can also upload your word document, and the tool will extract the data from there. Additionally, you can use the copy and paste method too.

    Customize and Format

    The templates provided by the software are all customizable, which means you can change the color, font, and all the design elements. You need to use the drag and drop method and customize everything as per your vision.

    Once you have done all the above steps, you need to click on the generate button, and within 60 seconds, you will get your ebook ready to be sent for sale.

    Pros and Cons of Sqribble

    Sqribble is all different, and the smooth tool still, it is vital to know its pros and cons for better understanding. Here I have mentioned all the pros and cons of Sqribble as per my research.


    • It provides the automatic option of the table of content
    • It has an automatic header and footer option
    • It is a glitch-free tool
    • It is a bug-free tool
    • It is easy to use
    • Come with unlimited usage
    • Provides different niche ebook templates
    • It has professional looking page layouts
    • It has the automatic adding content option
    • Includes flipbook creator
    • Free commercial agency facility
    • It has this 3D cover creator
    • You can add your own media
    • Simple customization options
    • Google fonts
    • Pre-set color pallets
    • Client Management


    • The 3D creator is only for premium users
    • No automatic saving option
    • Limited storage capacity

    Is Sqribble the best choice for you?

    If you are handing over your ebook to freelance folks, it will cost you much and take a longer time. Other than this, if you work with an agency, they take even more time than freelancers. The trouble only grows when you keep on expanding your options.

    Now, getting rid of the above options, if you are planning to work with some designing tool, think twice. Because it can be hard to use, and in the end, you might end up wasting your time, energy, and money. You might waste your time watching tutorials after the tutorial, which will be of no use in the end.

    If you see from my perspective, when it comes to Sqribble, you will not face these problems. In this case, your time, workflow, and everything related to your ebook are in your control. How? Because you are the only one looking for the designing, formatting, and publishing of the ebook.

    Here you do not even require to spend so much money to get your work done. There are so many reasons that make this tool a perfect option for you or anyone. You can not find software like this that helps you to direct everything on your own.

    Who Can Use Sqribble?

    Anyone who wants to create his/her ebook from scratch can use Sqribble. It is a non-technical tool, which provides tons of options and features. All things, in the end, make a professional ebook. People who want fast ebook production can buy this tool.

    Some people might need many designs, and a variety of options for that tool is perfect. The best thing about this software is it is budget-friendly. If you are someone who cannot afford expensive software, you can buy Sqribble. If you fall in one of the above categories, then you should check out Sqribble.

    You do not need any prior technical knowledge for using this tool. It is a prepared and designed tool for making professional ebooks. Anyone can use it.

    Sqribble Pricing and How to Buy?

    You can purchase Sqribble by visiting its official website https://sqribble.com/cb/new/. It is for $197 but, at the moment on one time special offer, it is for $67. It is a one-time payment that gives you lifetime access.

    Besides this, the company gives exclusive offers of coupons. Also, the company provides some discounts occasionally. So, hurry up and get your software before the time ends. Avail of the offers and purchase Sqribble before it is too late.

    Additionally, it has four upsells, which can be known as upgrade versions or premium versions. Below is the detail: –

    Upsell 1 – Sqribble Professional

    By upgrading to this version, you can unlock 150 more professional-looking templates. Also, you can avail different types of content. This option is best for those who want more variety and features to explore and use. It is a perfect mixture of the professional template and content.

    Upsell 2 – Sqribble Prime

    By upgrading to this version, you can unlock 15 more premium limited edition templates. Every single month 15 templates will get added to your library automatically. It will make you stand out from the other users. If you are a moderate user, this feature will work great for you.

    Upsell 3 – Sqribble Fantasia 3D

    By upgrading to this version, you can avail of two different features in a single program. The first feature that it provides is you can unlock a 3D cover creation tool inside your dashboard. People judge a book by its cover, so make it real. It is the best feature.

    Secondly, you can unlock the option of the flipbook. It makes your book interactive and grab more attention. Pages that turn like a real book is all that you need to make your book look professional. This feature is really cool and will blow your mind for sure.

    Upsell 4 – Auto Job Finder Software

    If you want to use Sqribble as a service to get paid for, you need this feature. This feature will help you to find similar job options for yourself. And it is a huge time-saver, money-earner option for you. You get automatic notifications for the job.

    Ultimately, if you want all these features in your package, this will cost you $485. It is known as the standard Sqribble kit. If you are dissatisfied with the results, Sqribble offers you a 30 days money-back guarantee. So, there is no risk of losing your money at any point in time.

    Final Verdict

    Many ebook creator tools work like hell and are too buggy. Sqribble is not like other ebook creator tools. It is bug-free, glitch-free, and smooth. I have never come across a tool like this, which is so quick and easy to use. It is a package of cool features. The templates given in the software are beautiful, and the layouts are professional.

    Its feature of automatically adding content is one of the best things it provides. People who are tired of spending hours creating, designing, formatting their books can use Sqribble. Any freelancer or agency can take you on a hectic journey. To be on the safer side, Sqribble can be your savior.

    Sqribble is an easy-to-use tool for ebook creation and advanced features. If you plan to create ebooks, reports, or Kindle books shortly, Sqribble is worth buying. It is the best tool to collect all your best articles in the form of an ebook. Using Sqribble can help you boost your marketing of the products that you do via an ebook.

    It is the best way to direct everything by yourself. I hope my review has provided you enough information about Sqribble. I recommend this tool for creating your ebook easily and fast without any technical knowledge. Rest the decision is yours.

    It was an unbiased and honest review of mine on Sqribble. Be smart!

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