Speechelo Review: Turn Text to Speech with Human Like Voices using Artificial Intelligence in (2021)


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What is Speechelo which turns speech into human-like voices using artificial intelligence?

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    Speechelo Reviews: The best software to turn your text to speech using AI with human-like voices

    Technology has amazed us at every level. In this modern era, artificial intelligence has made its unique place in the hearts of everyone related or not related to this field. Making things easier than before is all the magic of artificial intelligence.

    Converting text to speech is a part of artificial intelligence. But as technology is increasing, variants are also increasing rapidly. Now, here it creates confusion for many. If someone is looking for text-to-speech converting software, then there are thousands of options for that.

    To get the best version of the software, one needs to take some time to put for research. We have made things a bit easy for you people. We have researched on text to speech converting software called Speechelo. It is a perfect software that helps you convert your text to speech in no time.

    Speechelo is the only human-sounding voice-over, and you must be aware that there are almost no human-sounding voice-over systems available in the market. It is a well approachable and more realistic system. Let’s discuss the Speechelo voice-over software.

    Official Speechelo Website: Speechelo

    What is Speechelo?

    Though getting into the depth of this software is important. But, before that, it is important to understand what is the basic principle of Speechelo? Speechelo is based on the text to speech conversion technology. It is a software-based voice-over system. It was discovered or created by two very creative people named Vlad and Stoica Mihai.

    They were the two who found this fantastic idea of making software that can convert the text into a voice-over speech. We must say that they both have thought out of the box and ahead of time. They have implemented their idea perfectly with a proper framework.

    The best thing about Speechelo is that it is a human voice over a system that generates human speech out of any kind of text. You should know that over 98% of people hearing a voice-over generated by Speechelo, can’t tell that it is not a real human voice.

    The second best thing about Speechelo is it is a time-saving application. It’s been designed perfectly keeping in mind the importance of time. Therefore, anyone can convert their text to speech within no time in just only three simple clicks.

    Also, Speechelo has a lot of options like it provides more than 30 plus human voice variations in more than 23 plus languages. So, you do not have to worry about the languages also. You can easily visit the official site of Speechelo and check out the languages, in which you want your speech to be converted.

    Speechelo does not require any technical skills to be used. It is a simple, easy, and fast technique, available with step-by-step free training. Voice over the system is an essential part of many modern genera and social platforms. To be a part of it you need to understand what is the concept behind this software and how it really works?

    The Concept Behind Speechelo?

    In former days things used to be a bit different and difficult than now. Why? There could be many different reasons behind this why, but we would like to mention just one reason that is the lack of technology.

    You can also say that technology was not that much exposed and explored in previous years, as compared to the present time. Keeping everything aside, let us discuss the voice-over process. People who need to convert their text, poems, books, etc had to hire professional voice-over artists.

    The professional voice-over artists were in high demand then, and the charges were also a bit high. Also, the process of conversion of text into speech was a bit slow as it was performed by humans itself as per the human capacity.

    To make things easier and faster for people, Speechelo was introduced. This was the only concept or motive behind the creation of a human voice over the system, which is worth using. It was the need for an hour as well as a future vision of better things.

    How Does Speechelo Work?

    Speechelo is an advanced human voice-over system or software that converts text into speech. You need to register and sign up with your ID and password to Speechelo. It works on a simple three-step process as mentioned below: –

    Copy Paste Your Text

    The very first step you need to take towards converting your text is, you need to paste your text in the given online text editor section of Speechelo. The software works with artificial intelligence engines that work automatically.

    Once you will paste the text, the engine will show you the punctuations that you need to make to improve the text. Why do you need to make changes in the text? The system marks the differences and adds punctuation to make the speech sound natural.

    Choose Language And Voice

    Once you have made all the corrections in the pasted text, which was marked as per the AI engine, you need to select the language and voice. Here comes the difference. If you are using the basic version of Speechelo, you will get the option of choosing from 30 different voices. But, if you are planning to purchase the Speechelo pro, which is available at a very special price, you get an option of 60 different voices.

    The best thing about choosing the voice is you can click and hear all the voices and can choose the one that suits you the most. Also, the plus point here is you can choose the extra sounds too, like breathing sounds, longer pauses, and the tone of speech, whether it is serious, joyful, or normal.

    Generate and Download

    The final step towards generating your speech from text is to generate your TTS and then download the final output. The time taken for the generation of your audio speech is only 10 seconds. No matter how long your text is, it converts it to an original human version voice-over in less than a minute.

    Are you surprised? Yes, you should be, because it is a great thing. Now, you can preview before downloading the converted version of your text. You can click on the preview option and listen to the speech, if it sounds perfect to you, then on the right side, you will find an option of download. Why wait? Download the converted audio file, and you are ready to use it!

    Who is Speechelo for?

    Speechelo is the number one real human voice over a system that converts text to speech or audio. It can be used by anyone. Mainly it is designed for those who do not want to use the robotic voice in their audio or video recordings.

    Also, if you are running a podcast business, Speechelo can help you in taking your business to some other extent. It is for anyone, whether you are a freelancer, marketer, video creator, or business owner. Speechelo can be used for both business and personal use at the same time.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Speechelo

    As we have got to know that Speechelo is a number one software at the moment to use, but let us also discuss its advantages and disadvantages at a certain level.


    • It can transform any kind of text into speech
    • It offers 30+ voices, which provides the option of customization
    • The voice includes both male and female versions
    • By using the pro version of Speechelo, you can create more longer and extended audios, which is 4X times more than any usual converter
    • Speechelo is the only text to speech engine software that adds inflections in the voice, which makes it more realistic
    • You get access to 40 entrancing mood melodies for making the conversions even much better
    • Works in more than 23 languages
    • There are three different tones available for the speech, serious, joyful, and normal
    • You can sell the voice-overs and creations through it, which is the best opportunity for making money
    • It seems to be real, no glimpse of artificial content that keeps the audience connected to you
    • You can be saved from hiring expensive voice-overs
    • If the user is not satisfied, there is a 60 days money-back guarantee
    • If you are using the basic option and want to switch to the pro version, the option is available for you without any extra charges
    • Speechelo can be download easily from its official website
    • It is easy to use software


    • It has a limited size of speech. It serves up to 4800 to 5000 characters, which might not be sufficient for long projects
    • It is an online purchase that can be unusual for some users, and apart from using it online, there is no other way

    Where to Find and Pricing?

    Anyone can use Speechelo by visiting its official website https://speechelo.com and registering yourself. It has one basic package which has two upgrades.

    The basic pack of $47 – Is a one-time payment for a lifetime, there are no hidden charges and no monthly maintenance fee for using the features of the software. The features that you get in this package are as below: –

    1. 30 human voice-over options
    2. Free training
    3. Free support and updates
    4. Customization option available
    5. 700 word limit at a time

    The upgrade version called Speechelo Pro for $47 normally costs you $100 but you get a 53% discount by using the links given on this website. – The extra features that you can avail yourself in this package are as below: –

    1. All the features of a basic front end package
    2. 60+ human voice-over options
    3. Unlimited word limit but not more than 5000 characters
    4. You get 40 extra background track or mood melodies
    5. The commercial license can be used for your professional projects, clients, agents, etc.
    6. You can decide on where and how do you want to post your service

    The second upgrade version called Speechelo Tube for $37 – The extra features you can avail yourself in this package are as below: –

    1. All the features of the basic package and Speechelo pro
    2. You can take any Youtube video voice-over and can create your brand new voice-over from that, which is an amazing feature of Speechelo

    Why Use Speechelo?

    There are many reasons to use Speechelo, but here in this article, we are going to highlight three important reasons why to use Speechelo and what we get by using it. Let’s discuss.

    More Sales

    How come Speechelo provides you with more sales? As you know that it is text-to-speech converting software. Therefore, it can be used for sales videos also. Now, you must be aware of the fact that good voiceovers get better attention from the customers. If the audience will connect to your video it will automatically generate more traffic and gradually more sales.

    More Views

    If people like your content and the voice-over, that will bring more traffic to your video, which will automatically be the reason for more views on your video. Speechelo provides a high-quality voice-over and delivers as per its promise.

    More Subscribers

    How come one gains subscribers? Are you aware of the basic formula to gain more subscribers? If no, then we will explain the principle. To gain more subscribers, you need to connect with your viewer and provide quality content. By using Speechelo, you can provide both things.

    You can even get a better quality voice-over, which will enhance the quality of your video, and if the quality is good the viewer will be able to connect effortlessly. The best part about gaining more subscribers is they will get the notification every time you post a new video. This will help you get more views and a higher ranking.

    More Time Saving

    If you hire a freelancer or a voice-over artist, they will charge you much more than what Speechelo is offering you. Apart from all this, it takes a lot of time to convert a text into speech as one needs to record the same. Even after that also, you don’t need to still like the result.

    With Speechelo, you can do the above step in just a moment without investing much of your time, and the results will be as expected. Speechelo is the best way to convert your text into audio or speech in just three simple steps.

    Final Verdict

    After analyzing and compiling the reviews, we have concluded that all together, Speechelo is a satisfying product. It can save you money, as well as your lot of time, which you invest in converting your text to audio. Even if you are someone with a language barrier, this software can work amazingly for you.

    Although it is not necessarily correct that if the maximum number of people are using this software, then you might also like it. Therefore, we have explained everything in this article about Speechelo, so that you can decide on your own.

    Let us focus on the number of users that are using Speechelo as their priority tool. You might be aware of the analyzing tools that can tell you about the traffic index. As per the google keyword planner, Speechelo has an unimaginable amount of users.

    Every month there are even more than 20 thousand searches related to Speechelo. By telling the numbers we want to explain to you that if Speechelo is a bad product, then it would not have this many high numbers. Speechelo is an easy-to-use software and much faster than your imagination mentioned above.

    Many of you might be scared of what if Speechelo is a scam? We want to tell you that Speechelo has a high number of users. Secondly, it is accepted by Clickbank, which is a big trusted website about trading and affiliates. In the end, you can also search out for reviews about Speechelo on YouTube and you will get your answer.

    Yes, Speechelo is one of the best and latest software you can use for converting your text to speech. The product is worth buying and worth your time too. It has a fantastic interface and impressive results. Customers are in love with their lively and realistic outcomes.

    You can use Speechelo for both your business as well as for your personal usage. By using Speechelo, you can give a different dimension to your business. You can explore more things that might benefit you, and you can make things more credible with this.

    We hope that the information provided by us was helpful to you. Also, if you are really looking for something like this, then you must try Speechelo. In Speechelo, you can do whatever you want to do. You can make customization by using its uncountable features, voice tones, and mood melodies.

    Also, it has a higher capacity of conversion than any other conversion software. We would recommend you try using Speechelo for all your conversion. Because the day you will try using it, you will become fond of this system. Speechelo is undoubtedly the best program.

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